Enjoy the water/

Enjoy the Sup/


The Foil

The first step to get started in the low speed foil is the Wake Foil. That is to say, dragged with a motor boat. Preferably a Jetski that do not have a propeller and are safer for the athlete.



If you have never practiced stand up paddle, look at this section to start making contact with this magnificent sport. Learn with the free online courses at our Campus

knowledge of the environment


Before throwing the board into the water, we must take into account the weather. If we see that there are forecasts of strong winds, storms or strong waves, we are still in time to suspend or change our activity.


Basic security

We show you some factors that you must take into account, whatever your level you should never forget them to practice rowing.


Types of tables

All tables float in water, but their design and dimensions modify their behavior and make each one stand out in different scenarios.


Basic equipment

There are different materials that you will use for waves or whitewater. Here you can start to know them.

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